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Product Introdution

Product Introdution

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  • Time of issue:2021-07-01 17:02:45
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Transfer Printing Film

1. Backturn Platinum(Crystal)Relief Laser Film

Combination of various relief laser images,made into a base film,using special ink positioning printig,presenting a dazzling effect. Moreover,in response to the market demand,we launched the transfer embossed packaging back printing products, used for transparent PC board,ABS board,PMMA board and transparent glass bottles,especially luxury products.

2.Front Turn Platinum(Crystal)Relief Laser Film

Adopt direct printing effect,direct ironing,positioning and ironing process to position,transfer the lithographic laser patterns to transparent(or white)containers,tinplate,aluminum surfaces.

Stiker Label

Many brands use sticker labels to decorate the packaging of plastic and glass bottles, and their products have achieved outstanding market effect.Applying the automatic labeling,high production efficiency and combining with various printing process,screen printing and bronzing reverse,positioning laser,special inks and post-press processes to produce all kinds of high-grade labels.

Shrink Film Sleeve Label

1.Lithographic Laser Shrink Film Sleeve Label

Lithographic shrink film packaging: Shrnk film sleeve label can achieve the best visual effect,360°decoration on any shape of the packaging container and 3D metal effect on the shirnk sleeve film label, which enable that has a strong visual impact and favored by brand dealers.

2.Ordinary Shrink Film

Heat shrink sleeve labels provide a 360°wraping decorative effect on a wide variety of beverage bottles. The film sleeve is contracted by heat treament and is perfectly wrapped on the beverage and bottle.According to your different requirements for bottle decoration, we can provide full package or half package sleeve label to achieve the best packaging effect of products.At the same time,it can also be used as anti-opening sealing packaging material,applied to the bottle cap.Heat shrink film can be used for bronzing,screen printing,tactile and other surface processes.Whatever it is used as single bottle packaging or multi-funtional packaging materials,heat shrink film is your best choice.

In-mold Label

The In-mold label is directly integrated with the container and embedded in the wall of container in the molding process, and is directly waiting to enter the filling line. The material is maily thin film and plastic material, which will not only make the label used for In-mold labeling more exquisite, but also improve the wear resistance,high temperature,waterproof and moisture resistance of the label.

Epoxy Label

Epoxy crystal drops consist of high purity epoxy resin,curing agent and other modifications.The solidified product has the characteristics of water resitance,chemical corronsion resistance and crystal clear. The crystal drops can not only protect the surface of the craft products, but also increase the gloss and brightness of the surface, and further increase the decorative effect of the surface. By making the printing effect on the sheet,adding peart powder and metal powder to the glue, the products with different characteristics are produced.Suitable for metal sign PVC,glass, plexiglass and other materials made of handicraft surface decoration and protection.Combining with 3D laser,positioning printing,one item one code,code number corresponding technology,not only has a beautiful appearance but also has multiple anti-counterfeit and traceability funtions.

Lithographic Laser Hose

Lithographic technology is applied to hose products to improve the recognition and appreciation of the products.

Lithographic Laser Plastic Box

Lithographic technology,local aluminum plating,cats'eye relief film positioning bronzing used in transparent plastic box to make the product three-dimensional,metallic protruding,acctracting customer's attention.

Lithographic Laser Polybag

The technology of lithography and local aluminizing is applied to the soft package,which makes the package unique and enhances the market cohesion.

Mobile Shell

Through process improvement, micro-nano texture and printing process are perfectly combined to produce high-end products through IML,IMR and other process.





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